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It’s seen a lot of times that when someone is looking to buy a used car, they face a lot of difficulties, confusions and doubts regarding the condition of the car. As if there are any accidents, how’s the overall condition of the car and if the car is legitimate or not.


The condition of engine is also something which should be checked before one decides to buy a car. This can be easily checked by opening the hood, hehe, just kidding. One can check it by opening the oil lid in engine, and after opening it accelerate the car in idle mode. If you see smoke coming out of oil chamber then it’s a sign that engine will need overhauling in near future.


These are a few things which can help a person make decision when buying a used cars. One thing that I mostly see in buyers is that they ask for the mileage of car as how many kilometres (or miles) it has been driven. I would say that doesn’t matter at all because if the car has been used with care then it doesn’t matter how many miles it has been driven. Here’s a funny thing about this, these days there are a lot of used cars being imported from other countries.

In the end I would like to conclude by saying that if you’re buying a used car then don’t expect it to be in 100% condition, it’s a used car. USED there will be some bits n chunks which you will need to fix eventually to get it in a condition as per your requirement.

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